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Four Dads in search of a simple way to teach their daughters about their periods.

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Our Story

With puberty approaching, my wife and I searched for products to help us prepare our daughters, but we couldn’t find anything that did this in an age-appropriate way. We found lots of books, but nothing practical or hands-on. We couldn’t find anything to help us to teach them to be physically and mentally ready for their period before it happened.

Our daughters were anxious and a bit afraid anticipating their first period. We had questions too. When was the right time to approach this? How detailed should we get in the conversation? As we talked it over with friends, we learned they felt the same. We all knew it was going to happen, we just didn’t know when, or how to teach it. And, we were all pretty sure the conversation itself might be, well…somewhat awkward – for the kids and adults alike.

We quickly learned this wasn’t just a “Mom” issue. We learned that Dads (and plenty of them) are just as concerned about how to communicate this life event to their girls. A group of us guys got together, and that’s how it all began –  four Dads making an investment in our girls’ future. And we wanted the focus to be on teaching, not selling them period products.

So in collaboration with award-winning pediatricians, nurses and nurse practitioners, we founded The Penny Pack. This coming-of-age gift ensures girls are truly ready for their first period. When our girls aren’t anxious, they’re thinking about the things they should be focused on like: school, friends, sports, and art, not “Is it going to happen today?” or, “What will I do?”

Thank you for helping us empower a generation of confident and ready girls!

Peter, Amy, Chuck, Bill & Nick

P.S. We’d love to hear from you!

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