Hi, I’m Carmen!

I’m a high school student in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and I created the Penny Pack to help girls feel confident and ready for their period!

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My Story

I came up with the idea for Penny when my younger sister was about to have her period. I saw a need for her and girls her age because she and her friends didn’t really know what to expect, and what they did know came from older girls.

And I also thought about girls who don’t have a close bond with their mom or an older woman who could help them. How would they learn?

So I talked with my mom about it and she was super excited and thought there was definitely a need. We talked to my dad too (because he’s more on the business side of things) and he helped me get the ball rolling.

I wanted to make a functional first period kit that would tell girls everything they need to know about their period without all the fluff and scary medical terms. I wanted to help my sister and her friends, and I wanted to help my own friends too. A lot of the girls I talk to don’t really understand their menstrual cycles. I want them to feel positive and powerful about their period, and most importantly, ready for it.

I hope you like the Penny Pack!

❤️, Carmen

P.S. I’d love to hear from you!

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