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Parents in search of a simple way to teach their daughters a critical life skill.


Our Story

These are our daughters, and they’re the reason we created the Penny Pack.

With puberty approaching, we looked around for products to help us prepare them, but there was nothing on the market that did this in an age-appropriate way. There are a lot of books, but there is nothing practical or hands-on to teach them to be physically and mentally ready for their period when it happens. Furthermore, the conversation itself can just be, well…awkward, to say the least.

Like many girls, our daughters were anxious and a little afraid, anticipating their first period, and the flood of thoughts that accompany it. As parents, we had questions too. When is the right time to approach this with our girls? How detailed should we get in the conversation? As we talked it over with friends, it was clear they felt the same way with their daughters. We all know it’s going to happen, we just don’t know when, or how to teach it.

So in collaboration with physicians and pediatric specialists, we created the Penny Pack! We want our daughters (and yours!) to be truly ready for their first period. We know if we can teach them, they’ll feel prepared and not anxious. And when they’re not anxious they’re thinking about the right things, like school, friends, sports, and art, not Is it going to happen today? And what will I do?

Thank you for helping us empower a generation of confident and ready girls!

P.S. We’d love to hear from you!


Of women were unprepared when their first period arrived


Of moms say they feel anxiety about their daughter’s first period

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