Supporting Pediatricians With Simple Period Education & Puberty Kits

Pediatric groups across the US are prescribing The Penny Pack to improve patient education on puberty and periods.

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Designed in collaboration with the nationally-recognized physicians at Girlology, The Penny Pack supports busy clinicians by providing puberty and period education in the most efficient and accessible way.

As pediatricians know, many parents struggle with puberty and period topics, and clinicians often don’t have the time to fully educate patients.

What clinicians love most is how The Penny Pack makes awkward conversations simple – encouraging girls to learn well after they leave the office. And of course, the neighborhood chatter generates referrals and revenue for their practice.

Each Penny Pack has your logo on it, and includes age-appropriate books, a first-period readiness kit, an iPhone and Android app with video content to inform your moms and help girls feel more confident, and a fun prize for the girl.

The Penny Pack is available at a discounted rate for pediatric practices!

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