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  • Period Talk: Get Your Girl Ready for Her First Year- As someone who had my first period many years ago, I took a few things for granted as my daughters came of age. Consider that what seems rote to us women now is totally new to young girls. And some experiences are different during the first year of a girl’s period as her body is… Read More
  • Talk to Son about Period Raising Compassionate Sons: Why Period Education is Critical for Boys- Do you realize that in most of the US, feminine hygiene products are taxed as “luxury” items? And in many parts of the world, women are too poor to buy pads and tampons? It gets worse. In some developing countries, due to the cultural stigma surrounding periods, it’s common for girls to miss school every… Read More
  • Dads and Daughters: Why Period Talk Isn’t Just a “Mom Thing”- You’re probably thinking, “Whoa, wait a minute...I’m all for this period education stuff but isn’t this a better conversation between mother and daughter?” As a dad of two daughters, I hope to see this cultural sentiment change in my lifetime. Here’s why. Period taboo: it’s complicated I get it. As a man, it feels awkward,… Read More
  • How to talk to your daughter about her period- Many of us parents don’t adequately discuss periods with our daughters because we simply don’t know how. A few years back I attended a mother/daughter puberty class with my oldest daughter at our local hospital. Even there, the brief discussion about periods produced a palpable change in the atmosphere. Everyone got uncomfortable. Many of the… Read More
  • Your daughter has 3 questions about her first period. Here’s how you can help her.- If you’re a woman, you’ll likely remember the anxiety that surrounded your first period. I bet you can also remember the moment it happened and the question that immediately followed: “What do I do now?” I sure can. And if you’re a man, all the women you’ve ever loved—from your grandmother to your mother to… Read More