Pads4Dads Puts Period Advocacy Into Action

We’ve discussed why it’s so important for dads to be able to talk to daughters about periods. Hey Girls is a UK-based social enterprise that wants dads to do just that. This organization, which supports UK girls who don’t have access to period products, is on a mission to get dads talking about periods with their daughters. It’s called the Pads4Dads campaign.

Dancing around the bloody issue

You probably know many of your daughter’s wants and needs, not to mention her preferences. You’ve committed to memory things like her favorite game, color, cereal, school subject, article of clothing, etc. But, as actor Michael Sheen puts it, “when it comes to pads and tampons, you don’t have a clue.”

Why is that? First, let’s talk stats. According to Hey Girls UK, 4 in 10 dads didn’t learn about periods at school. And only about 40% of dads say they would be comfortable enough to talk to their kids about periods.

I get it. Talking about anything puberty-related isn’t easy. But it can be easier than we’ve collectively made it if we reframe these topics as a part of everyday life.

Ending period stigma starts with you

When half the world’s population experiences menstruation, why do we still feel shame in discussing this topic? Hey Girls is working to change this by educating kids in schools about periods. Here’s how you can help.

Start the menstruation conversation at home. Many dads are willing to discuss periods with their daughters, they just don’t know enough. That’s where resources like A Dad’s Guide to Periods can help. And it was written by dads too.

Because there’s so much anxiety around this topic, you may be tempted to put off the discussion or endlessly prepare for a formal sit down. But as the guide says, “Don’t wait for the perfect moment – there isn’t one. And don’t save everything up for one big chat.”

As a company also committed to period education, we think the UK Pads4Dads campaign is pretty awesome. Did you know that the Penny Pack helps you facilitate these critical discussions too? This kit has everything your daughter needs to learn about her period and the right supplies for the moment it arrives.

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