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The essential coming-of-age gift for every girl, The Penny Pack is a personalized gift that helps moms, dads, parents, and caregivers introduce the topic of periods to the young girls in their lives. We believe readiness is the key to instilling confidence in girls. The Penny Pack takes the anxiety out of teaching your girl about her period with a beautifully packaged, personalized gift. Every girl deserves to feel confident and ready!

Each Penny Pack includes a fully-stocked Readiness Kit with 100% organic cotton products, the Girl’s Guide, access to the Penny Pack app, and There’s Something New About You.

There’s Something New About You is the highly-acclaimed coming-of-age book by the team at Girlology, and it helps girls tackle the challenges of puberty with confidence and knowledge. In addition to advice, there are great stories from a cast of characters who are going through the same things your daughter may be. Written by award-winning doctors Melissa Holmes, MD, FACOG, and Trish Hutchison, MD, FAAP, There’s Something New About You makes the perfect companion to The Penny Pack.

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