A Ready Girl is a Confident Girl.

The Penny Pack is a personalized gift that helps you teach her about her period.

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Making periods fun since 2019!

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An Invitation to Learn

The Penny Pack is a gift designed to help you teach her how to manage her period before it happens. Each Penny Pack includes a personalized, handwritten card from you to her.

The Penny Pack - Interior


Even for the most prepared, the Penny Pack helps make the conversation easier, with everything needed to help explain her period in one convenient package.


Girl’s Guide

The Girl’s Guide helps you teach her about her cycle. Candidly written and void of euphemisms, it is filled with practical tips and tricks that help her embrace her period with confidence. It is written to be read alone or with the help of an adult, and always at her own pace and comfort level.

The Penny Pack - Readiness Kit

Readiness Kit

Fun and fashionable, the Readiness Kit should be carried with her at all times. Stocked with 100% organic cotton products (no dyes, perfumes, or other weird stuff), it includes everything she needs to handle her first period with safety and confidence.

The Penny Pack - App

Access to the Penny Pack app

The Penny Pack app is loaded with content that helps her understand her changing body in an age-appropriate way. Using the app, she can watch animated videos that explain her cycle, access exclusive content, take a quiz to demonstrate her knowledge, and more.

“I didn’t know how to have ‘the talk’ with my daughter. The Penny Pack helped me navigate the conversation with ease. “

– Ruth


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