A First Period Kit For Confident, Ready Girls.

The Penny Pack is a personalized gift that helps you teach her about her period before it starts.

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Meet the Penny Pack

The Penny Pack helps you empower your girl to take control of her menstrual cycle and reproductive health.

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The Penny Pack: Preparation For A Girl’s First Period

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A Personalized Gift

The Penny Pack is a gift designed to help you teach her how to manage her period before it happens. Each Penny Pack includes a personalized, handwritten note from you to her.

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There’s Something New About You

There’s Something New About You helps girls tackle the challenges of puberty with confidence and knowledge. Written by award-winning doctors Melissa Holmes, MD, and Trish Hutchison, MD, aka The Girlologists.

Hi I'm Penny | The Penny Pack

Girl’s Guide

This quick-read guide helps you teach her about her cycle. Candidly written by a pre-teen who recently started her period, it’s filled with real-life tips and tricks that help her embrace her period with confidence. Read alone, or with the help of an adult, you can introduce her to key concepts at your own pace and comfort level.

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Readiness Kit

Fun and fashionable, your daughter should carry the Readiness Kit with her at all times. Stocked with 100% organic cotton products (no dyes, perfumes, or other weird stuff), it includes everything she needs to handle her first period with safety and confidence.

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The Penny Pack App

Exclusive to Penny Pack owners, the app is loaded with informative content that helps her understand her changing body in an age-appropriate way. Animated videos help explain her cycle as well as other related topics like pain management and selecting the right products. She can also take a quiz to demonstrate her knowledge!

5 Fearless Females cards | The penny pack

5 Fearless Females trading cards

Designed to motivate and inspire, the 5 Fearless Females cards introduce girls to women that aren’t household names but should be, as they’ve made incredible contributions in the fields of science, art, and sports.

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With its grassroots start in 2003 by two physician moms, Girlology has become the go-to online community dedicated to making girls’ lives healthier. Learn more

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TOP products are crafted with 100% organic cotton and are 100% biodegradable. TOP products are better for you, better for the planet, and better for others. Learn more

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The Rites of Passage programs encourage discussion, promote comfort, and have fun, all while learning about our bodies and the amazing things that they’re capable of. Learn more

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“I didn’t know how to have ‘the talk’ with my daughter. The Penny Pack helped me navigate the conversation with ease. “

– Ruth

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