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Dear [insert name],

Today in the United States, more than 5,300 girls will start their periods for the first time. Almost none will be prepared.

Sadly, these girls will also feel ashamed. They might cry in the bathroom, tie a sweatshirt around their waist, and hope they don’t bleed through. They’ll get in trouble for being late or skipping class and will be too embarrassed to explain why.

I hope you agree that we can do better for our girls. Our school offers toilet paper to all students for free. Half of our student body requires or will require menstrual products at some point, yet they are not provided. Offering them to our girls for free is the right thing to do.

I’ve learned about a company called Aunt Flow that can help us address this need. They sell menstrual products to schools, made available to students at no cost. Their pads and tampons are made of 100% organic cotton, are biodegradable, and free of chemicals, dyes, or synthetics. Aunt Flow also promotes period positivity, encouraging girls to embrace menstruation as a natural and healthy part of life. That’s a message we can all stand behind.

An adolescent girl’s life is fraught with pressure. Having easy access to period products at school shouldn’t be one of them. Did you know that California, New York, and Illinois have recently passed laws requiring schools to offer students free menstrual products?

Change is coming and it makes sense to get ahead of it now. I hope you’ll consider addressing this issue. You can visit to learn more about bringing their menstrual products to schools.

Thank you for your time!


[Insert name]

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