Give a Penny Pack

Pay it forward. Share your Penny Pack with a family near you.

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1. Ensure your Penny Pack is complete 

Download a checklist to ensure your Penny Pack is ready.

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2. Complete the form below

We’ll match you up with a family in need and send you a prepaid shipping label.

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3. Send It

Place the shipping label on your Penny Pack and take it to your local post office.

Designed for Sharing

The Penny PackParents need to stick together, which is why we’ve designed the Penny Pack for sharing. We wanted to make it easy for you to send your gently-used Penny Pack to a family in need.

Simply fill out this form, and we’ll email you a shipping label for your Penny Pack. Once you restock the Readiness Kit drop it off at your local post office, and voil√†! You’ve paid it forward!

Share Your Penny Pack

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    “The Penny Pack made it easy for us to have the conversation with our daughter.”

    – Janet

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